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Every Willing Hand: Community, Economy and Employment

by Shamcher Bryn Beorse

Through Every Willing Hand we glimpse an extraordinary worldview, a simultaneous multiverse of intimate interconnection. A contemporary mystic, Shamcher Beorse views this vast scene through a lens of economics and full employment.  He reveals artfully interwoven themes that all work together to show a complex picture of the forces and influences at play, including visualization, intuition and meditation.

Shamcher had great compassion for those who are “half awake in the body of humanity,” and he worked tirelessly to expand horizons for all individuals and communities. In one glance the book reflects innumerable facets of our social communities and individual aspirations, all in the context of the need for social reform.

Where does he suggest this reform should come from? Not from a revolution in the streets to restore or establish fair and equal opportunity, but from an implemented program ensuring full employment for all who want it.

“Every willing hand shall be put to service

Here we take our stand, no one to be worthless..” *

Quote from the song, Every Willing Hand, by Carol Ann Sokoloff

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