Reading Every Willing Hand

With Every Willing Hand we see a way to all work together for the survival of humanity. The answers, as Shamcher has indicated, will arise through insight and our human intuition. With yoga and Sufi pathways to develop and evolve the inexhaustible resource of intuition, we will become more able to discern, invent and create the world that is waiting in the wings – all implemented through the connected work of “every willing hand.”

Do we dare to imagine an international coordinated effort, similar to the full-scale mobilization of allies at war, that would employ everyone at every level to prevent further environmental destruction, encourage the nurturing of the planet locally and globally, and apply new technologies for the good of all? Many efforts in this regard have occurred independently outside most governments, which have been seen at best as slow moving, at worst as obstructive or in opposition to the facts at hand. Do we dare to imagine these efforts linking together as one, while providing employment for all who wish to join in? This can be accomplished now through the distributed intelligence of our current communication technologies.

Shamcher saw the human community stretched out over the generations, encompassing the enormous emotions of life, death, love, birth, hope and aspiration, despair, anger, forgiveness and joy. The protection of this fragile human experiment is the goal of the wise, and in no other time has this been more essential. Our prayers and hopes to sustain love over the thin ice that covers hell are needed now more than ever.

It is up to those who can bear the painful exposure of the world to step forward and give whatever they can for the good of humanity. We know our climate is in crisis, our economy ever teetering in a fragile equipoise, the pollution of the world’s air and waters unprecedented. The warnings of scientists have not been heard soon enough and it is more difficult to play catch-up in the accelerating conditions which build up upon one another, creating further dangers to our survival as a species.

We have heard these warnings for decades and many positive changes have been implemented. We sense and know that this is not enough. World scientists are telling us that it is not enough. Now China takes her role, dramatically and exponentially pouring out goods and pollution at an astonishing rate. It is a nation unconnected to the “global” standards set in the Western world. The earlier hard-won western standards and laws do not hold, and are too weak to bring our world back into balance.

Meditation and intuition help but we also need a large-scale integration of forces and resources to battle this threat to human survival. This is where we can implement the full employment work of John H.G. Pierson which Shamcher so enthusiastically advocated.  In Every Willing Hand his idea is presented not only as history, but as a means to action, which is why it is included in the appendix. It is a program to draw from so all can help.

In our current environment, all citizens can contribute to save our way of life, and now is the time to step up. Social media and communications technologies have demonstrated their effectiveness in immediate news and calls to action. Twitter and social media have been used large scale in crises and demonstrations. We have had a glimpse of what is possible, knowing that humanity is still unevolved.

Shamcher outlined his vision of what was possible in his books and articles, and even spoke about OTEC at Sufi Universal Worship services – much to the dismay of those present who were expecting a more “spiritual” talk. He was using the service as a rocket fuel and a blessing for this planet-saving technology.

We are in a “how to boil a frog” situation. We have become numb, sharing images on Facebook, laughing bitterly at satire, complacently watching irrelevant news, reading about the studies, thinking “it’s not time yet” or worse: “it’s too late.” We still have time to jump out of the simmering pot and get on with the task at hand – keeping our world alive and viable.